Nizin Lopez: TI Statement (June, 2018)

Dear Dr Eric Karlstrom.

How are you. I am sending you an attachment here, I would like for you to check that out. I was hoping that maybe you could put that little article of mine in the “TI STATEMENT” section of your website. This is if you want to of course. This little article is basically me explaining the kind of sick things these bastards have done to me. I still can’t believe that these people in positions of authority could be so evil. Thank you Dr for your time. You are an inspiration. Bye.

This is the article:

Hello everybody, my name is Nizin Lopez and I am a Cuban-American artist living in Miami/Fla, today I’m here to speak about a secret program of the U.S. government that is designed to destroy the life of those who have been designated as enemies of the state: I’m talking here about Organized-Stalking. Some people know this as Covert harassment or community based mobbing,…it is pretty much a secret illegal long-term unconstitutional surveillance program that causes irreversible psychological damage, a Takedown program. The main power behind the Targeted Individual program is the FBI.

The isolated target is constantly harassed in an organized fashion by civilians that are recruited by Law Enforcement. These guys are enlisted through community groups such as Infragard, Citizen Corps, and Neighborhood Watch. They are perpetrators, domestic terrorists shielded from legal culpability. Most of the folks participating in this vigilante operation are bottom feeders: drug addicts, thugs, ex-convicts, the homeless, people with disabilities, etc. These mindless automatons are known as citizens on patrol or as surveillance role players, they are told that the target is a criminal or a threat to society: a terrorist, a rapist, or a child molester, a wife-beater, a drug dealer, etc. We’re talking here about defamation, character assassination (a false narrative).

The so called authorities (they define themselves as Threat Assessment Team), they want people to hate the isolated target with a passion. The more they despise the target, the more they will mess with him. What we have here is pretty much, the military using the civilian sector as irregular forces.The perpetrators of this hideous crime, the citizens on patrol, they use all kinds of unethical means in order to harass, agitate, intimidate, preoccupy, incite, provoke, and torment the target: We’re talking here about street theater, swarming, space crowding, mimicking, noise campaigns, and entrapment of course. The target is exposed to rude behavior all the time, 24/7, non-stop, everywhere he goes (bullying on steroids). The victim is constantly exposed to negative environmental stimuli and dark neural linguistic programming, he is kept in a state of anxiety and hypervigilance, alert (always guessing what will happen next). This unjust systematic methodical abuse is meant to cause a nervous breakdown.

After years of accumulated stress, the victim ends up in a psychiatric institution, isolated, discredited, demonized, with no support system…labelled as a delusional paranoid schizophrenic (his credibility out of the window). Some targeted individuals commit suicide (something I don’t recommend). So basically, a targeted individual is a person that has been blacklisted from society, every aspect of his life is turned upside down. This is a slow kill program, extra judicial punishment, government retaliation, no touch torture. We’re talking here about a Perfected breakdown tactic on the human will! On one hand, they blast the target’s psyche by harassing the hell out of him everywhere he goes, day after day, week after week, month after month, years after year. Once the target is institutionalized, he is going to be medicated with psychiatric drugs that have serious side effects, such as severe insomnia, erectile dysfunction, and maybe even suicidal thoughts. The so called doctors, the psychiatrits, the psychologists…they are in bed with Law Enforcement, they’re not gonna risk their career for a person that has been labeled as subversive (the doctors are part of the establishment). Keep in mind that a person that has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic cannot acquire a firearm in America, at least legally.

Then as if this is not enough, the government uses classified Mind Control technology in order to modify the target against his will, we’re talking here about secret military weaponry that is based on the bio-frequency of the human test subject: trans-cranial stimulation, synthetic telepathy (remote neural influencing). The target’s DNA molecule operates as an e-mail address so to speak. This enables the handlers to insert thoughts, phrases, words, images, impulses, and dream videos into the target’s psyche. The idea is to make the TI believe that those are his real thoughts, when they are not (total manipulation). All the psychological data of the human test subject is downloaded into a super computer that is able to predict behavior based on past choices (A.I.). What we have here is non consensual/non therapeutic human experimentation, Black magic at the governmental level.

Once a person is placed in the targeted individual program, there is no way out. As an unwilling participant of this program you got 4 choices: Psychiatry, jail, a terminal illness, or suicide (something I don’t recommend). There is no way out. Forget about corporate mainstream media, they will not listen. This is why many targeted individuals end up taking their own lives.

In my personal case, my targeting began on Jan 2011, extra judicial punishment for being politically incorrect and outspoken. To make a long story short, the folks who pulled the strings so that I would be placed in the program are “Rabbi Shmuel Gopin” of Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown Fla and, “Sherri Sinkoff”, professor of Miami Dade College” (both Ashkenazi Jews). The devils of Law Enforcement monitored me for a long time, they realized that I am a Law abiding citizen and a pretty decent guy, they couldn’t find anything wrong with me: Nice guy, no criminal record, no drugs, kind, good manners, altruistic, morally upright, talented, anti-dogma, tenacious, free spirit, etc. They did some digging and they realized that I have two traumas that could be exploited to their advantage.

My 1st trauma: Sometime in the mid 90’s a perverted man tried to desecrate me even though he knew that I am a heterosexual man. His foolish attempt failed of course, I neutralized him. I could have beaten the hell out of him but I didn’t want to stain my clean record (plus, I’m not a violent person). The FBI knows about this ugly incident, this was music in their ears: something that could be exploited.

My 2nd trauma: On June 2001 my alcoholic father committed suicide. The FBI knows that this was a big challenge for me, they know this. They figured:

“Well…father figure, progenitor, symbol of manhood, masculinity….”

The FBI figured that this was another vulnerability that could be exploited to their advantage when it comes to their “trauma based mind-control program”.

They came to the following conclusion:

“Well, this guy that we’ve been monitoring for more than a year, yeah he is honorable and smart and all that crap but, he is a traumatized individual, the son of a mentally ill alcoholic man…, this is what we’re gonna do: We’re gonna put this subversive 9-11 truther in the TARGETED INDIVIDUAL program, officially. We’re gonna harass him for years in order to fragment his personality…we’re gonna traumatize the hell out of him causing irreversible psychological damage. Then we, gods of behavioral modification, we’re gonna do everything we can in order to re-program him…our way. Transformational torture!”

We’re gonna follow the following protocol:

1 – Everytime he goes out there trying to get a woman, we will pull the strings and sabotage that effort (my targeting began on Jan 2011). We don’t wanna see him happy, we want him isolated, discredited, as traumatized as possible (in a state of anxiety and hyper vigilance). So, every time he tries to get a girlfriend, a wife, etc, we’re gonna step in ruining his efforts. This is gonna stress the hell out of him for sure.

2- Then we’re also gonna talk to the psychiatrists and to the doctors who are not psychiatrists so that they will give him medications that cause erectyle dysfunction, chemicals that mess with his hormones (such as Risperidal, Seroquel, Simvastatin, etc). If he takes these potent drugs for more than a year, this could affect his testosterone levels (testosterone is a biochemical attribute of those who revolt against the establishment).

3- We’re gonna hire all kinds of perpetrators in order to harass him, many of them will be non-heterosexual males (including males that had undergone sex reassignment surgery). These people will harass him day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. We will create all kinds of unpleasant scenarios forcing target to interact with this particular crowd. We’re talking here about a mind-rape operation.

4- We will hire all kinds of actors and actresses that will refer to the target as “Mrs” instead of “Mr” (verbal breakdown). We will do this to him all the time. Hopefully he will retaliate and we will put him in jail (to make him look violent). The target will also recieve all kinds of unusual letters in his mailbox referring to him as “Mrs” instead of “Mr”. We will irritate the hell out of him.

5- Sensitization! We’re gonna send him all kinds of male perpetrators that will wear pink t-shirts around him (drug addicts, ex-convicts, homeless, etc). These citizens on patrol , when they come into visual contact with the target, they will touch their genitals. We will do this to him all the time, day after day, month after month, year after year. We will traumatize the hell out of him!

6- We will use dark neural linguistic programming, anchoring techniques. When the target goes to the beach for example, we will hire two attractive women that will sit by the sand close to him for like 15 minutes. Then as soon as they get up, two androgynous looking men will sit in the exact same spot engaging in unnatural behavior (NLP, an association technique, Sensitization). We will do this to him all the time no matter where he goes…by the beach, in the train station, in the library, by the bus stop, by the mall, etc. Habituation: repeated exposure to a stimulus. The idea is to use bizarre spectacles in order to traumatize the target as much as possible.

7 – We will break into the target’s apartment and put potent sexual stimulants into his water (liquid viagra type of stuff). We have him under total surveillance, we can see what he is doing inside his flat. As soon as he drinks that water, we will know. Then when we goes out for a walk, we will expose him to epicene looking individuals. They will walk right in front of him wearing either a purple shirt or a pink shirt. Every time the target goes out there trying to get a woman, we will sabotage that effort.

8- Electronic harassment: Every time the target goes on the internet, our guys in fusion centers will use their magical technology in order to make all kinds of salacious un-natural things pop up on his computer screen. Everytime he goes into the internet, we will bombard his psyche with this kind of imagery.

9- We’re gonna use our classified-sophisticated Mind control technology in order to implant perverse imagery into his psyche when he is asleep (in an altered state). We will bombard his psyche with all kinds of sexual debauchery. This secret military technology can also be used to cause insomnia and molestation effects in the genital area. He won’t even be able to sleep!

10- As a last resort when it comes to behavioral modification, we will recruit a beautiful woman that will pretend to like him, she will drug him with an incapacitating agent that will put him in a zombie state. Then our guys will come in and desecrate him, we will video tape the whole thing of course (extreme humiliation). When he wakes up he will not remember anything but he will realize what has taken place. We will crush his core identity, totally (by any means necessary). We’re talking here about rape as a weapon, psychological warfare.

Last but not least, if you end up as a targeted individual, the police will fabricate scenarios that are specifically designed to make the target look like a sex offender. If they know for example that the target enjoys going to the library, they will pull the strings in order to orchestrate things there. If the target is in the library and he needs to use the restroom (they have him under constant surveillance), all of the sudden the man’s restroom will be “out of order”. The librarian will tell the target:

“Yeah its ok, you can go ahead and use the lady’s restroom”.

Keep in mind that this is being video taped. If the target tries to use the printer (in the adult section of the library of course)…one of the friendly librarians will tell him:

“Oh you know, the printer is not working today but, go ahead and give me your library card, I will make a special arrangement so that you can print your stuff in the children’s section.”

Basically the idea is to force the target to go into the children’s dept, this will be documented of course and it will be shown to all kinds of people in order to demonize the hell out of the target. If the target tries to use a computer in the library, all of the sudden the system will be down and the librarian will tell the target that it is ok for him to use a computer in the children’s section. We’re talking here about a group of corrupt people working overtime in order to destroy an innocent man.

The targeted individual program is definitely a character assassination program, the idea is to obliterate every aspect of the target’s life using intrusive and distressing methods. It doesn’t matter how many years it takes, the elite has limitless resources and more than enough personnel. They have plenty of “Perps” available. We’re talking here about years of profound psychological and emotional abuse, years of accumulated stress. Eventually, the target will snap and go insane…this is how the “Shadow Government” destroys the lives of innocent law abiding citizens forcing them to commit suicide.

We’ve been criticizing Hitler for years but it turns out that the pro-Khazar government of the United States is involved in social experiments that are beyond diabolical. We’re talking about a silent holocaust here! The targeted individual program is definitely a threat to human consciousness!

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