Best Acronyms for “Gang Stalking” and “Targeted Individuals”

Current Best Acronyms For “Gang Stalking” and “Organized Stalking/Electronic Harasssment”

The following are far more descriptive acronym-terms for Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment than the commonly used “Gang Stalking.” We can even have some fun inventing terms that more accurately describe this odious global program!

1. GOG´S NeW GESTAPO: Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups´ Electronic Slavery, Torture, and PsyOp Operations

2. GOG´S MOP: Global Organized Gang Stalking: Monarch/Operation Phoenix
3. GOG’S MOG: Global Organized Gang Stalking: Monarch/Operation Gladio
United States-Sponsored Mercenary Stalking Cells’ Undercover Murder. US M-SCUM includes the following divisions, platoons, squadrons:

a) 4th C-GAD R&RS: Civilian Gossip and Defamation Receive and Repeat Specialists Wing
b) 5th DEW-ETS: Directed Energy Weapons Electronic Torture Specialists Brigade
c) 3rd FuW-POT Brigade: “Fuck-Withers” PsyOp Terrorist Brigade
d) 1st NW-CitSnit: Neighborhood Watch – Citizen Snitch Battalion (aka, the Rat Pack)
e) 10th PHAP-FOEHS: Pimps, Homos, and Prostitutes For Enhanced Homeland Security

5. Z SS SWINE: Zionazi State-Sponsored Satanic Warfare of Invasive Neuro-Electronics
6. COWARDS: Covertly-Organized Wireless Assault on Dissident Spirits
7. US-GITMO SITMICE: U.S.- Global Intelligence Terrorist Military Operation: Surveillance, Isolation, Torture, and Murder Of Innocent Civilian Enemies
8. US MICMAP SCATTT: United States Military-Intelligence-Corporate Mercenary and Predatory Stalking Cells Attacking and Torturing Truth Tellers.
9. SELCSTEP: Secret, Extra-Legal Citizen Surveillance, Torture and Extermination Program which is executed by the:
10. MIC-CoPS: Military-Intelligence Civilian-Corporate Police State
11. GLOPP: Global Phoenix Program (this is actually quite historically accurate since it references the CIA’s program to execute and terrorize civilians during the Vietnam War. This name also illicits the symbolic/occultic phoenix bird, which destroys then rises out of the ashes of a destroyed civilization in occult and Masonic mythology…. Creating… A “New World Order.”)
12. CECTAEP: Covert Extra-Judicial Citizen Torture and Elimination Program
13. SELECEP: Secret Extra-Legal Elimination of Civilian Enemies Program”
14. OSSMODTEP: Organized Stalking and Slow Murder of Dissidents Through Electronic Poisoning
15. OSSKOCTEI Organized Stalking- Slow Kill Of Civilians Through Electronic Irradiation
16. NASCE-EONC: Nazi Death Camp Experiments and Extermination of Needless Citizens
17. SEATTTED: Social Engineering and Terrorization Though Torture and Elimination of Dissenters
18. DIE Via CMO: Destruction of Internal Enemies Via Civil-Military Operations
19. MAC-TeN-PODD: Military and Civilian Terrorist Networks Preying on Domestic Dissidents
20. SSSKADD: Slow- Soft- Silent- Kill Assassination of Domestic Dissidents
21. DACSUPEP: Divide and Conquer Society Using PsyOp and Electronic Poisoning

And the perps get their acronyms too:

1) MIC-CoPS: Military-Intelligence Civilian-Corporate Police State
2) CISSASK Brigade: Civilian Informants, Stalkers, Spies, Actors and Satanic Serial Killers
3) IFOUCUDUIPASS Battalion: Irregular Force of Underemployed Dupes, Useful Idiots, Psychopaths and Satanic Scum

And of course, TIs are really:

1) HEROES: Highly-Experienced Researchers Out-thinking Evil Systems

And TI really stands for:

1) Truth Instigators
2) Truth Investigators
3) Truth Interpreters
4) Truth Insisters

So bring on the “Battle of the Acronyms”! The US military is apparently the principle player and organizer of this 4th generation (aka irregular/unconventional/political/psychological/information/civil-military/effects-based/computer network) warfare. Of course, they are acting on behalf of and at the behest of the cryptocracy/intelligence agencies-think tanks/international bankers/secret societies/corporatocracy/“hidden hand”/Judeo-Masonic-Satanic shadow government (all the same more or less) etc.

If we look at history, we see that the “Hidden Hand” has been operating covertly but with great determination for many centuries and millennia. Now it has these extraordinary new technologies (PsyOP and Electronic Weapons, Remote Neural Monitoring, etc.) at its disposal. So it seems the Illuminati/Rothschild-Rhodes-Round Table “Plan” of world conquest via perpetual revolution and the destruction of institutions (monarchy, nations, family, religions, private property, etc.) is quite old, but the weapons now being used are quite new and still fairly secret. Among these weapons are:

1) covert/clandestine operations perfected by intelligence services, CIA and others
2) reorganization of society’s institutions to form the “NWO” “interagency”/”Multinational Force” (merger and coordination of intelligence/police/military/civilian/business sectors through fusion centers, etc.)
3) PsyOp
4) Electronic Warfare (including RNM, etc.) as part of the Revolution in Military Affairs that utilizes the electronic means of mind control/behavioral modification developed during the CIA’s MKULTRA experiments
5) Satanism/the occult/black magic

These are among the “finger prints” of the NWO Illuminati system that are the hallmark of the “gang stalking” system and military operations other than war (MOOTW) and MILDEC (military deception). If we study the matter, we find that all these elements were present in Opeation 9/11 ( Hence, we may postulate that Operation 9/11 itself was an example of 4GW against the American and world population.

It is imperative to “Know your enemy” in this New World War. From a military/intelligence viewpoint, this is an information war and a war to maintain the public perception of their LEGITIMACY to rule.

However, we may hope that they will lose because the long-sought full implementation of their “psycho-civilized society” because the public perception of their “LEGITIMACY” is currently based only on propaganda and lies….. Since, the truth beats lies in the end, the new military-intelligence-corporate-police state (MICPS) has no real legitimacy. Rather, it is a house of cards ready to collapse under the refreshing breeze of truth.

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